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    ROWE 198

    Electric wide format cutting machine

    ROWE Cutting Technology.

    Paper Cutting Machines - Made in Germany.

    The professional cutting machines from ROWE with manual or electrical drives cover large format cutting widths up to 200 cm (78.7”). Wider materials can be pushed over the sides which are open on both sides and continuously processed. With DIN alignment marks on the antistatic system table construction and the ruler lines on the push bar precise cutting is possible.

    The cutting thickness allows you to easily cut cardstock paper, lightweight plastics, PVC banners and many other printed or non-printed materials.


    ROWE 198: Electric wide format cutting machine

    • Electrical operated paper cutting machine
    • Working width: 150 cm (59“)
    • Integrated Floorstand
    • Self-sharpening and maintenance-free cutting head
    • Automatic paper fixing during the cut
    • Pedal and switch bar activation
    • Waste bag
    • Cutting edge illumination
    • Guide with scale (optional)
    • Roll-off device (optional)
    • Unrivalled durability
    • Feed table made of aluminium